Illustrator [rinne] was born

The third illustrator [rinne] was born in monstera deliciosa.
I will express the fun of bicycles with illustrations.
I want to convey the fun of bicycles to everyone.

The new character "Uncle Rinne" is sometimes a traveling , and sometimes a fashionable bicycle rider in the city.
Another time he is a Tour de France rider.

He will Jump out into various cycling worlds and enjoy!

The journey begins the moment you ride your bicycle.
You can continue to ride forever.
You can go anywhere! freedom!
Turning pedal. Wheels that turn around.
Everything keeps spinning.

Instagram : @uncle_rinne

"rinne" is a Zen word.
In English, it is "reincarnation" or "reborn".
But it has a deeper meaning.

It's very difficult to explain here.

What I can say a little is that everything keeps spinning.
But that doesn't mean it won't change.
Everything is constantly changing.

If you look only at the wheels, you just keep spinning around the same place, but if you look at the bicycle, it's actually steadily progressing.
This is "rinne"

In the Zen world,
The fact that things change all the time is called "shogyo-mujo".
And about that, the fact that everything is related is called "engi".

Bicycle wheels keep spinning, allowing us to travel around the world.
And all the people in the world are connected.

Bicycles, which were also the rides of gentlemen who followed the style of horseback riding, were born in Europe, and the tweed jacket and beard are a symbol of gentlemen riding bicycles.

There are also hippie-style people who cycle through the desert and strange lands. Many people have beards.

This spread to Europe, which was becoming more motorized, and now Copenhagen is said to be the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, and the three-wheeled bicycles you often see in Copenhagen are greatly influenced by the hippies.

There are many professional road racers who have beards as their trademark.

Nowadays, there are many different styles and fashions in the world of cycling. At "rinne", we see the beard as a symbol. The uncanny relationship between bicycles and beards is what gave birth to the "hippie gentleman" bearded "Uncle Rinne".